4 most mysterious places hidden in Google map

In 2001, Google launched Google earth. It is a computer program that gives a 3D satellite image of every part of earth. 


A town is situated in North East England. 85000 people live in this town. This is very beautiful place and you can see in Google street view. But if you type this coordinate 54.570554, _1.303635 you can see two houses which are totally blured on Google street view  on pricipal road. The  people who live there, they themselves don't know what is in that houses probably. 


It is very difficult to find a mysterious place on Google because it is very  difficult to find the coordinates of that place. If you search this specific coordinate 44.142644,4.708602 you can see a weird place on the south east France which is totally blured.  No one can see this place through Google map. If we see this place on Google street view, then we can see some steal wires and some warning signs. Researchers says that this place has nuclear power. This place is so classified that no one can access this without permission. 


If you search this specific coordinate 52°13'17.9"N 21°00'08.5"E THEN you can see a place in Warsaw which is capital of Poland. The place is not secret military place but totally blured. This place is warsaws busiest place. There are too many hotels and bus stops around it. But of you search this specific place through Google map you will see it totally blured and you will also not be able to see this place through Google street view. Research says that there is army's technical supervision office. This place is highly secured in order to hide thi office. 


Dear friends! Many of us have a little knowldge about area 51 but few of is knows about area 52. This is secret military base which is situated in America. Common people don't know about the mystery behind this place of area 52. It is heard about area 52 that , by searching this place through this coordinate 37.401437,_116.86773 you will get location of area 52.  The area 52 is 10km away from area 51. If we see its satellite view we can see a six points stars in circle here.



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