10 Advanced Technology Tools That Make You Wonder

Hi bro and sis. Technology, technology and technology. This one is indeed ingrained for us all, friends. But if the technology is only an empty barrel, the sound does not have a suitable function according to your needs, so it is unlikely that we will need it too. But calm down guys, this time I will tell you about 10 advanced technological innovations that will surprise you.






Tas sophisticated, this one can clean the goods inside and also you guys. Paqsule uses ultraviolet light and Ozone to kill bacteria and remove odors which are then converted by the bag into O2. The cleaning process itself takes 30 minutes. This Paqsule can also be controlled by applications on iOS and Android users. And this Paqsule bag is also priced at around $ 229 USD or roughly equivalent to 3.5 million rupiah.




This one toolhas a function like a treadmill in general and is assisted by the nuances of reflection from the jakusi with the look like a futuristic aquarium, Here's Ribert. The designer of this tool alone uses the treadmill in water method to help lighten the wearer's body as much as 80% much lighter than running around on a regular treadmill. Until now it is still unknown how much the price range of this technology. Do you know the price ?.




Sepatu sport this one can warm the feet of the user when the cold weather tablets. Besides these shoes can also count the number of steps and the number of calories burned in our body after using them. Smart shoes themselves do not have straps but can be tight thanks to a mechanical system that is controlled by our smartphone that is connected via our smartphone's bluetooth itself. At the front of this shoe there is a small LED lamp that will light up in the dark of the night. We can have smart shoes with a price range of $ 450 USD or approximately equivalent to 7 million rupiah.

  1. TREGO



I isa 3-wheeled bicycle for adults which has two functions at the same time. Looks like a bicycle in general right? But who would have thought the front of the Trego can be removed and switched into a trolley. This trolley can accommodate a load of up to 25 kg without making the driver swerve. As the trolley is released, the front wheels on Trego will be replaced with small wheels made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum. Trego is available for pre orders with prices ranging from $ 635 USD or equivalent to 9.5 million rupiah. 




Scorklhas a simple function which is to help breathe underwater. Then what are the advantages of this thing? In general, the oxygen cylinder used for snorkeling has a fairly heavy weight and its use is quite complicated right? But with Scorkl all that does not need to worry anymore by the user. Just like the size of mineral bottles in general and how to refill them is fairly easy. Scorkl itself guarantees oxygen to the user for 10 minutes while in the water. We can get this Scorkl through a pre order with around $ 200 USD or the equivalent of 3 million rupiah.

  1. GODUO



Judging byappearanceitsjust like speakers in general. But this Goduo is actually a speaker that is different from the others. Goduo himself uses wireless or Bluetooth technology so that it can be used by users from a considerable distance. Can also be combined into one or separated into two. These stereo speakers or Goduo will create stereo sound that is unmatched. Goduo has a magnetic base that allows users to attach these speakers to one, or attach to any surface made of metal. Goduo is a waterproof speaker and is resistant to shock and is equipped with a case that makes it easy to carry anywhere. The price of these stereo speakers is around $ 79 USD.




Ingin produce a perfect video without any shocks? Here comes Beastgrip. Beastgrip has a lens holder that can hold up to 37 mm and some have several additional lenses, ranging from wide, Ultra wide, and fisheye lenses. Not only that beastgrip itself also has a Dove adapter, Deep of field that supports Canon EF lenses to be installed in front of the lens of each smartphone. This technology is priced at $ 139 USD.




Cosmo Connected is a small device that can stick to any type of helmet. The function of cosmo connected for now is to record the traces of your journey and can also make your own maps. This technology is equipped with a flash alarm which will notify the user if careless or there are other vehicles in a sharp bend or a vehicle that allows the occurrence of collisions - crashing. If an accident occurs to the user, the smartphone alarm that is in the hands of your spouse or your family will sound and tell the location of the accident.Cosmo Connected can we get with a price tag of around $ 80 USD or the equivalent of 1.2 million rupiah.

  1. BIKI



drone Watershaped like a fish has a speed of 1.2 miles per hour and can dive to a depth of 60 meters. Biki itself is equipped with lights to record activities in deep waters and is equipped with GPS that allows the drone to return to the starting point where there are problems with the connection network. This drone can work for 90 to 120 minutes on a single charge and has 30 GB of internal memory. We can have Biki at a price of $ 600 USD or the equivalent of 9 million rupiah.

  1. JABII



Jabii is an interactive fighting game. It consists of a sports device filled with sensors that are connected to an application. The purpose of this game was created to make the user reduce the time in terms of staring at the screen and increase the user's activity level. We can have this tool for $ 70 USD or equivalent to 1 million rupiah.


Now that's 10 advanced technological innovations that can surprise you. Which technology do you buy? Don't tell me, only the sultan can or can afford it. let us know we were taken. Thank you for reading the article.

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